Kudryashova Vera Vadimovna
Kudryashova Vera Vadimovna
Junior Researcher


2001:  Moscow Exploration College (MGRT). Prospecting faculty.

2005:  Moscow State Open University. Faculty of Mining (Department of Subsoil Protection and Environmental Management).

♦ Employment:

• 2001-2005: Geoecologist-Technician, Engineer at Water Problems Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow

• 2008-present: - Junior Researcher, Water Problems Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow

♦ Area of interests: 

• Geological and ecological monitoring

• Mire ecosystems
• Spring runoff  
• Exogenous processes

♦  Grants:

• RFBR, No 04-05-96705 (2004-2005)

• RFBR, No 05-05-65013-a (2005-2007)
• RFBR, No 06-05-96316 (2006)
• RFBR, No 14-05-07026 (2014)


§ Author's profiles:

♦ Elibrary 

♦ Books: 

2014: E.E. Lapina, N.P.Akhmetieva, V.V. Kudrjashova. The springs of Upper Volga: conditions of formation, regime, protection. Tver, OOO “Cupol”, 2014. 256 p.

♦ Papers in Refereed Journals: 

•  N.P. Akhmetieva, E.E. Lapina, V.V. Kudrjashova. The adsorption properties of rocks in the aeration zone and their role on groundwater protection  from contamination (by the example of Ivankovo reservoir). Geoecology, 2006, N 4, pp.337-341. 

• N.P.Akhmetieva, E.E. Lapina, V.V. Kudrjashova. Springs on Ivankovo reservoir catchment

Nature. 2007. N 2 (1098), pp. 66-72.

•  N.P.Akhmetieva, E.E. Lapina, V.V. Kudrjashova. Sorption of phosphorus in the peat of  fen and bogs. Melioraion and Water Management. 2011, N 3 , pp.26-28.

•. N.P.Akhmetieva, E.E. Lapina, V.V. Kudrjashova. Peat water content and occurrence of fires in the  bogs. Melioraion and Water Management. 2014. N 3, pp. 26-29.

• N.P.Akhmetieva, A.Y. Belyaev, O. S. Grinchenko, G.N. Krichevets, V.V. Kudrjashova, A.V. Mikhajlova. Zhuravlinaya Rodina wildlife reserve: the current state and fire protection on the drained mire “Dubnensky massif”. Works of Instorf. 2016, N 4 (67),  pp. 12-21.