Mikhailova Maria Vadimovna
Mikhailova Maria Vadimovna
Senior Researcher (PhD)

Current academic status: Senior Researcher at the Laboratory of the Dynamics of Channel Flows, Water Problems Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 3 Gubkina Str., 119333, 


1978–1983 – Student at Moscow State University (Faculty of Geography, Department of Hydrology). Senior thesis title: «River and sea waters' interaction at the Danube River nearshore».

1985–1988 – Post-graduate Student at Water Problems Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

1987 – UNESCO-sponsored International Higher Hydrological Courses at Moscow State University on the problem «River Hydraulics, Channel Formation Processes and River Mouths».

1989 – Ph.D. in Geography. Dissertation title: «Hydrological and morphological peculiarities of the delta formation».

Employment record: from 1983 to the present – Researcher, Senior Researcher at Water Problems Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Area of interests:

·      hydrology, morphology and ecology of river mouths (deltas and estuaries)

·      channel processes in deltas

·      dynamics of the delta hydrographic network and delta coastline processes of delta formation

·      processes of mixing river and sea waters

·      processes of backwater, storm surges, tides and saline waters spreading into the river mouths

·      problems of the rational use and protection of natural resources of river mouths


Russian National Committee for the International Hydrological Programme of UNESCO

Editorial board of scientific journals:

·      Water Resources (Russia)

·      Acta Hydrologica Slovaca (Slovakia)

·      Environmental Research, Engineering and Management (Lithuania)

·      The Journal of Water Security (Lithuania)

Main publications:

Author and co-author of chapters on hydrology and morphology of the mouths of the Terek and Sulak rivers in monographs (1993, 2013), chapters and sections in the international monographs «Hydrology of the Danube Delta» (2004), «Estuarine-deltaic systems of Russia and China: Hydrological-morphological processes, geomorphology and prediction of evolution» (2007), «The Black Sea environment» (2008), «River mouths of the Caspian region: history of formation, modern hydrological-morphological processes and dangerous hydrological phenomena» (2013);

co-author of the textbook V.N. Mikhailov, M.V. Mikhailova, D.V. Magritsky «Basics of river mouth hydrology» (2018).

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