Oboturov Artyom Sergeevich
Junior Researcher


2014: M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Geography, Department of Biogeography (Specialist)

♦ Employment:

• Since 2019: Junior Researcher at Water Problems Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow

♦ Area of interests: 

• Hydrochemistry
• Ecology
• Bioecology
• Theriogeography
• Geozoology

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♦ Scientific cooperation with: 

• Ludmila G. Emelyanova (Department of Biogeography, M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University) 

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♦ Papers in Refereed Journals: 

• L.G. Emelyanova, A.S. Oboturov. The spatio-temporal structure of the population dynamics of the Norwegian lemming (Lemmus lemmus L.) in Fennoscandia. Arctic Environmental Research, 2017, N 4, pp. 321-335. (In Russian). 
• L.G. Emelyanova, A.S. Oboturov. Cadastral-reference maps as a base for making maps of ecological and geographical structure of mammals natural habitats. Ecosystems: Ecology and Dynamics, 2018, N 2, pp.100-126. (In Russian). 
• L.G. Emelyanova, A.V. Nemchinova, A.S. Oboturov et.al. The Ustyansky Nature Park (Arkhangelsk oblast, middle taiga). Part 1. Natural conditions and justification for the organization of nature park. Ecosystems: Ecology and Dynamics, 2019, N 2, pp. 155-207. (In Russian). 
• L.G. Emelyanova, A.S. Oboturov. Spatial structure of the Ural part of wood lemming range (Myopus schisticolor (Lilljeborg, 1844)). Bulletin of Moscow Society of Naturalists: Biological series, 2019, Vol. 124, N 6, pp. 10-15. (In Russian). 
• L.G. Emelyanova, N.B. Leonova, A.S. Oboturov. Objectives and landscape-biogeographic background of the Ustyansky Nature Park (Arkhangelsk oblast, middle taiga). Part 2. Biodiversity of the “Nauchny” cluster  of the Ustyansky Nature Park. Ecosystems: Ecology and Dynamics, 2020, N 1, pp. 170-194. (In Russian).