Dobrovolski, S.G., Yushkov, V.P., Vyruchalkina, T.Y., Sokolova O.V. Are There Fundamental Laws in Hydrology? Pure and Applied Geophysics (2022)

A global “power law -2” of long-term natural changes in total volume of the terrestrial water mass and of the natural eustatic changes in the global mean sea level has been proposed using coastal gauges data and satellite altimetry. A “power law -1/2” of the dependence of the coefficient of variation of the annual river discharge on the runoff depth was formulated based on analysis of more than 2000 time series of “natural” rivers’ annual runoff. Additionally, a law of "statistical invariance" of the water exchange coefficient of drainage lakes vs. average runoff through the lakes was hypothesized using data from 249 lake systems of the world. The considered regularities were justified with the use of the climate system stochastic models concept by Klaus Hasselmann and for the reasons of dimensions of its hydrological objects (rivers, lakes, glaciers) participating in the processes of moisture accumulation and transfer on the land surface.


Дата публикации: 2022

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