Korshenko E., Panasenkova I., Osadchiev A., Belyakova P., Fomin V. Synoptic and Seasonal Variability of Small River Plumes in the Northeastern Part of the Black Sea // Water. 2023, Vol. 15. Iss.: 4, No: 721



Small river plumes are typical features at many coastal regions in the World Ocean. These water masses have relatively small areas and volumes; however, due to their energetic dynamics localized in a thin surface layer, they strongly affect coastal circulation, water quality, and ocean-atmosphere interaction. In this study, we investigate external factors, which govern synoptic and seasonal variability of small river plumes, and, therefore, affect land-ocean fluxes of fluvial water and biogeochemically important material. We use numerical modeling to simulate small river plumes at the northeastern part of the Black Sea. We describe the response time of small river plumes to changes in river discharge and wind forcing conditions, which determines variability of river plumes at different time scales. We reveal that the influence of river plumes on coastal processes depends not only on total annual river discharge volume, but also on temporal distribution of high-discharge and low-discharge periods. Seasonal and synoptic features of local atmospheric circulation could strongly modify the relation between river plume characteristics and river discharge rate. The results obtained in this study are important for better assessment of delivery and fate of river-borne suspended and dissolved matter, as well as floating litter in coastal areas.


Дата публикации: 2023

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