M.A. Sokolovskiy, X.J. Carton, B.N. Filyushkin. Mathematical modeling of vortex interaction using a three-layer quasigeostrophic model. Part 1: Point-vortex approach. Mathematics, 2020, v. 8, N 8, 1228, doi:10.3390/math8081228

Abstract: The theory of point vortices is used to explain the interaction of a surface vortex with subsurface vortices in the framework of a three-layer quasigeostrophic model. Theory and numerical experiments are used to calculate the interaction between one surface and one subsurface vortex. Then, the configuration with one surface vortex and two subsurface vortices of equal and opposite vorticities (a subsurface vortex dipole) is considered. Numerical experiments show that the self-propelling dipole can either be captured by the surface vortex, move in its vicinity, or finally be completely ejected on an unbounded trajectory. Asymmetric dipoles make loop-like motions and remain in the vicinity of the surface vortex. This model can help interpret the motions of Lagrangian floats at various depths in the ocean. 


Дата публикации: 2020

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