Małgorzata Kijowska-Strugała, Łukasz Wiejaczka, Irina Grigoryeva, Aleksey Komissarov. HYDROCHEMICAL DIFFERENTIATION OF SELECTED RESERVOIRS IN CARPATHIAN MTS. AND EASTERN EUROPEAN LOWLAND // Geographia Polonica. Volume 93, Issue 1, 2020. pp. 121-133

The aim of the analysis was to compare physicochemical parameters and chemical composition of two groups of artificial reservoirs, mountain and lowland ones, characterised by different parameters and functions. Three mountain artificial reservoirs (Klimkówka, Dobczyce, Czorsztyn) located in the Upper Vistula basin (Carpathian Mountains in Poland) and three lowland reservoirs (Ivankovo, Verhnevolzhskoye, Vyshnevolotzkoye) located in the Upper Volga basin (Eastern European Lowland in Russia) were selected for the study. Data for the summer season in 2009-2013 were used in the analysis. Mountain reservoirs display high water concentrations of sulphates, chlorides and biogenic nitrates, and lower concentrations of ammonium and oxygen indicator in relation to lowland reservoirs. Similar concentrations of phosphates were noticed in both the mountain and the lowland reservoirs. The hydrochemical differentiation between the individual mountain reservoirs was small, and statistically significant differences only occurred for SEC. Greater differentiation of the hydrochemical parameters was found among the lowland reservoirs. Statistically significant differences were demonstrated with regard to SEC, Cl- and NO3 - . 
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