Yury G. Motovilov & Tatiana B. Fashchevskaya. Simulation of spatially-distributed copper pollution in a large river basin using the ECOMAGHM model // Hydrological Sciences Journal, Volume 64, Issue 6, 2019, P. 739-756.

The semi-distributed physically-based model ECOMAG-HM was developed to simulate cycling of heavy metals in large river basins: on the surface, and in soil, groundwater and river water. The model was applied to study the spatial distribution and temporal dynamics of copper concentrations in watercourses of the Nizhnekamskoe Reservoir watershed in Russia. This watershed is characterized by high background concentrations of heavy metals due to wide occurrence of ore deposits and considerable concentrations of ore-parent elements in rocks. The model was found to adequately reproduce the spatial variation of the mean annual copper concentrations at different monitoring points of the river network. The mean annual specific copper washoff, with the surface and subsurface components of river runoff, and the total copper washoff from the watershed into the river network were calculated and mapped. The contributions of natural and anthropogenic factors to river water pollution by copper were evaluated.
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