Bugaets A., Gartsman B., Gubareva T., Lupakov S., Kalugin A., Shamov V., Gonchukov L. Comparing the Runoff Decompositions of Small Experimental Catchments: End-Member Mixing Analysis (EMMA) vs. Hydrological Modelling // Water. 2023, Vol.15. Iss.:4, No:752


Abstract. This study is focused on the comparison of streamflow composition simulated with three well-known rainfall–runoff (RR) models (ECOMAG, HBV, SWAT) against hydrograph decomposition evaluated with End-Member Mixing Analysis (EMMA). In situ observations at two small mountain testbed catchments located in the south of Pacific Russia are used. All applied RR models and EMMA analysis demonstrate that two neighboring catchments disagree significantly on the mutual dynamics of the runoff sources. The RR models' benchmark test is based on proximity to EMMA hydrograph composition. Different aggregation intervals (season, month, and pentad) were applied to find a reasonable generalization period ensuring the clarity of results. ECOMAG is most conformable to EMMA outcome; HBV reflects flood events well enough; SWAT exhibits distinctive behavior compared to the other models. It is shown that, along with standard efficiency criteria of simulated and observed runoff proximity, EMMA analysis might provide useful auxiliary information for the validation of modelling results.


Дата публикации: 2023

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