About us

About WPI

WPI RAS – Water Problems Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences

The sphere of the Institute’s competence

Terrestrial Hydrology, Hydrochemistry, Hydroecology, Hydrogeology, Water Resources Management

The Institute is managed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.


24 November 1967


Fundamental scientific research in the area of water resources, surface water regime and quality, ecological state of water objects, water availability in the country. Forecasting their changes under the influence of natural and anthropogenic factors. Methods of managing water resources, their use and protection. 

Products and services

Forecasts of river and chemical runoff, water inflow to reservoirs. Projecting catastrophic events on water objects, risk and impact assessment. Evaluation and prediction of the resources, regime and quality of surface, ground and soil waters in the context of climate change and anthropogenic activity. Assessment of the effect of climate change, water objects regime and water quality on the environment. Water ecosystems, terrestrial biogeocenoses, the health of the population. Modelling hydrophysical, hydrodynamic, hydrochemical, hydrobiological, inner water body and other processes in the aquatic environment. Forecasting their influence on the ecological situation. Creating a scientific basis for surface water protection; improving methods and models of the development and functioning of water management systems. Developing the theory and methods of managing surface water regime and resources from the perspective of the environmental sustainability, solving social problems.

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Lectures and post-graduate education programmes, training programmes for the School of young researchers


Moscow, 3 Gubkina Street


Doctor of Science (Phys.-Math.), Corresponding Member of RAS

Alexander Naumovich Gelfan


209 people are working in WPI RAS. 128 of them are researchers (38 doctors of science, 73 candidates of science). The scientific personnel consists of 2 corresponding members of RAS; academics and corresponding members of the Water Academy, Russian Ecological Academy, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. 

Tasks and funding

·      Government tasks;

·      Conducting work at the request of State institutions;

·      Conducting work on commercial assignments from non-State institutions;

·      Research grants from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Russian Science Foundation, grants from the President of the Russian Federation to support young scientists.