Vulfson A.N. and Nikolaev P.V. Classical and local similarity in problems of turbulent convection: Extension of Prandtl semi-empirical theory for horizontal layers of water and air mediums // Phys. Fluids 36, 026612 (2024)

Abstract. A variant of the local similarity theory is considered, assuming a priori specification of two basic dimensional parameters: the second moment of vertical velocity and the “spectral” Prandtl mixing length. Such selection of basic parameters lets us interpret the algebraic formulas of Prandtl’s semiempirical turbulence theory for the coefficients of turbulent heat transfer and kinetic energy dissipation as relationships of the local similarity theory. A priori approximations of the basic parameters are based on known relationships and consider the upper boundary of the convective layer as a solid wall. Within the framework of local similarity theory, approximations for the turbulent moments of buoyancy and vertical velocity of arbitrary order are also proposed. The correspondence of these approximations to experimental data has been established in both air and water mediums, as well as in the results of numerical modeling. Such correspondence allows us to conclude that a wide class of vertical profiles of turbulent moments in a windless convective layer depends only on two basic parameters: the second moment of vertical velocity and the “spectral” Prandtl mixing length. The obtained result indicates the universal nature of the theory of local similarity and is a significant addition to the semiempirical Prandtl theory.

Дата публикации: 2024

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