Dobrovolski S.G. Stochastic climate theory. Springer, Heidelberg et al., 2000, 296 pp. (Добровольский С.Г. Стохастическая теория климата. Гейдельберг и др.: Шпрингер, 2000, 296 с., на английском).


The author describes the stochastic (probabilistic) approach to the study of changes in the climate system. Climatic data and theoretical considerations suggest that a large part of climatic variation/variability has a random nature and can be analyzed using the theory of stochastic processes. This work summarizes the results of processing existing records of climatic parameters as well as appropriate theories: from the theory of random processes (based on the results of Kolmogorov and Yaglom) and Hasselmann's "stochastic climate model theory" to recently obtained results.


Дата публикации: 2000

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