M.A. Sokolovskiy, J. Verron. Dynamics of vortex structures in a stratified rotating fluid. Series Atmospheric and Oceanographic Sciences Library. Vol. 47, Springer: Cham - Heidelberg - New York - Dordrecht - London, 2014, 382 p.

This monograph is an expanded English translation of the Russian book published
in 2011 by the Izhevsk Institute of Computer Science Publishing House under the
same name and reviewed by Dr. G.M. Reznik.
The objective of this book is studying, in the framework of quasi-geostrophy, the
role of stratification in the synoptic-scale vortex dynamics problems for atmosphere
and ocean, and the effect of a bottom topography on large/meso-scale currents and
vortices. The book summarizes the long-term joint studies of the authors in vortex
dynamics of stratified rotating fluid.
The book is intended for experts in physical oceanography and meteorology,
hydrodynamics, dynamical systems, and teachers, post-graduate students, and
students in those fields.

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